“So that [we] may know one another” [1]

This extract from the Qur’an 49:13[2] captures my vocation as a teacher and a scholar to provide better mutual understanding across people and cultures. In an anti-global climate, I remain committed to the study of transnational literature that is applicable to general interest issues.

My name is Valentin Duquet. I am a PhD student in French studies at UT Austin, and I dedicate my research to cross-disciplinary analyses of Frenchness and Islam. This idea of intercultural dialogues manifests itself in both my teaching and my scholarship.

For the sake of copyright issues, only my introductions and bibliographies are available in free access for my unpublished article-length essays. However, since it is my goal to be widely accessible, feel free to contact me personally to request any content.


[1] Arabic transcription: “Lita’ārafū”

[2] “O mankind, We […] made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.”