Zola le Saint-Simonien

“Anachronistic Visions of Socialism and Colonial Endeavor: The Influence of SaintSimonian Thought on Émile Zola’s Novels.” Excavatio, vol. XXXIII. Forthcoming January 2023. Abstract:The idealism of Zola’s last novels is well-documented, and several scholars have noted the Fourierist inspirations of Travail. In this article, however, I revisit Zola’s engagement with early-nineteenth-century utopian socialism, examining the influenceContinue reading “Zola le Saint-Simonien”

Black M – Je suis chez moi / À l’Ouest (feat. MHD)

An all-time student-favorite among the classes I created combines two French songs by Parisian hip hop artist Black M. The first one, Je suis chez moi (literally “I am home”) is about reclaiming and affirming Frenchness despite the social exclusion faced as a black man in France. The second part of the class contrasts theContinue reading “Black M – Je suis chez moi / À l’Ouest (feat. MHD)”

Stromae & Soprano on Social Media

I created two class activities on the use of social media and smartphones through two popular french music videos: Stromae’s Carmen (2013) and Soprano’s Mon précieux (2016). Fill-in-the-Blanks Lyrics Handout Answer Key Handout Downloadable PowerPoint – you can copy and paste slides directly into your presentation. Online PowerPoint slides To make the Carmen activity more communicative,Continue reading “Stromae & Soprano on Social Media”

Cœur de Pirate – Montreal and Quebecois culture

To provide students exposure to French Canadian culture, I created a grammar activity based on the song Oublie-Moi by Montreal singer Cœur de Pirate. Fill-in-the-Verb Tenses Worksheet For this song activity, instead of a fill-in-the-blanks, I created a Find-the-Verbs Tenses worksheet. Despite being very poetic and esoteric, this song is fitting for this activity becauseContinue reading “Cœur de Pirate – Montreal and Quebecois culture”