Week 14: Comédie et choc des cultures

Primary film to watch: Astérix & Obélix: mission Cléopatre (2002) Where to find: TBA. Points to focus on: Cultural appropriation and cultural insensitivity: Could a comedy like this be made in the US? Is humor providing more understanding between cultures, or is the Astérix series reinforcing the “Nos ancêtres les Gaulois” paradigm? ___ Secondary film toContinue reading “Week 14: Comédie et choc des cultures”

Week 12: La Nouvelle Vague

Primary film to watch: Pierrot le fou (1965) Where to find: TBA. ___ Points to focus on: The representation of the Vietnamese woman through “theater” in the film The presence and mentions of several other nationalities (Lebanese; American; Russian; Italian; Algerian; Cuban; Israeli, etc. – Anna Karina is Danish) ___ Video essay to have watched byContinue reading “Week 12: La Nouvelle Vague”

Week 9: Relations amoureuses interraciales

Primary film to watch: Mon amie Victoria (2014) Where to find: Kanopy. ___ Secondary film to watch: Demain tout commence (2016) Where to find: TBA. ___ Other film to have seen by this week: Get Out (2017) ___ Article to have read by Tuesday: Sciences Humaines: Faire face au racisme ___ Mon amie Victoria trailer   Demain tout commence trailer

Week 7: Mobilité sociale, mobilité géographique

Primary film to watch: Qu’Allah bénisse la France (2014) Where to find: vimeo. ___ Secondary film to watch: Nous trois ou rien (2015) Where to find: TBA. ___ Magazine article to have read by Tuesday: Sciences Humaines: Égalité répulicaine et dicriminations Academic article to have read by Tuesday: “Displaced Mothers, veils in motion, and fatherlands” ___ Qu’Allah bénisseContinue reading “Week 7: Mobilité sociale, mobilité géographique”