Active participation & attendance

The quality of this course depends on your interaction with the films and with the rest of the class. You will be expected to have comments to make and to react to other students’ arguments and opinions during every session. Our discussions and debates will be central to this course—lectures and theory will not be the main focus.

For each week, you are required to watch the primary film. A secondary film is suggested to go deeper in the topic, but you don’t have to watch it unless you are presenting that week. An additional essay or interview is linked for each theme: make sure you come into class having read/watched it.

In class, you must be attentive and responsive, and collaborate in a lively way. Participation in French is required. If you have ideas in English and you’re not sure how to formulate them, I will be there to help. Do use this class as an opportunity to better your French fluency, but don’t be afraid to bring in some English concepts when appropriate.

  • Habitual lateness, or arriving to class more than 15 minutes late will be considered an absence and deduct 1 point from your participation and attendance grade (20 points).
  • Use of technology for purposes unrelated to the course will also make you count as “absent” and deduct 1 point.
  • You will get 2 free absences throughout the semester (no doctor’s note needed). Save these for when you are actually sick. Starting with your 3th absence, 1 point will be deducted from your grade.

I will assess your engagement and attentiveness globally, but make sure you raise your hand and speak out at least once per class. Your individual perspective is what makes this course enriching for everyone!

Published by Valentin Duquet

PhD student, French Studies; University of Texas at Austin.