Weekly blog posts

You will need to “blog” and analyze a theme, motif or scene once per week from the film(s) we are watching that week. A successful post will identify, locate (via timestamp) and comment on an aspect that was striking to you and that you want to discuss more in class. No need to do a full-blown analysis; instead, tease what will you say. Everyone should have read others’ blog posts before class.

Feel free to propose theories, muse, ask questions, or draw connections with other films or material. We will discuss impressions and opinions in class, don’t just blog “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it.” One strong paragraph (approx. 200 words) is good.

Blog posts are due on Monday night by 10 pm. If you miss this deadline, you can watch the secondary movie and do a blog post on this one by Wednesday night 10pm instead. No matter what, you are responsible for watching the primary film at the very least each week.

On the week when you’re presenting, you don’t have to blog at all. Keep your thoughts and arguments for when you will be leading class discussion.

This running assignment will be graded as “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” each week.