Les Temps Verbaux

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.44.22 PM.png


This is a chart I created to map out the tenses seen up to French IV to help students visualize how each tense makes sense chronologically on concrete timelines.

In my experience and through talking with my students, I have noticed a majority of them tends to be visual learners. I am myself one—I need to visualize to understand, and this applies to grammar structures as well. One of my personal conviction is that grammar does not have to be cryptic or frustrating for anyone, that clarity can be achieved with such handy one-page sheets.

This is a based on a presentation when I had to explain the “Plus-que-parfait” (past in the past) for the first time, and this class was also observed and recorded. You can find the video and PowerPoint for that lesson here.

For a printable version of the picture above, feel free to download and use the pdf: Les temps verbaux – click here.