Coeur de Pirate – Oublie-moi

Fill-in-the-Verb Tenses Worksheet

A lot more than Fill-in-the-Blanks activities can be done with song lyrics. Here, instead, I used a song for a Find-the-Verbs Tenses activity.

  • First, I entered the lyrics into a table with three columns, and I bolded all the verbs so they would be easily identifiable.
  • Then, students had to figure out which verb tenses they were and write them down in the second column.
  • Finally, they had to identify the infinitive form and write it down in the third column.

This song was fitting for this activity because of the variety of verb tenses. I also chose this song to expose students to a French Canadian artist from Montreal called Coeur de Pirate. The song is Oublie-Moi:

I then follow up with an interview of the artist that serves a double purpose:

  • introducing students to the Quebecois accent (and prompting them to notice the fact that you cannot hear the accent when she sings)
  • introducing students to the city of Montreal, and having them pick up on activities that can be done there. The recording artist is suggesting several example of things to do

Here is the video interview:

  • Another great resource on the Quebecois accent and culture is the website which contains very engaging and funny short videos.