Cœur de Pirate – Montreal and Quebecois culture

To provide students exposure to French Canadian culture, I created a grammar activity based on the song Oublie-Moi by Montreal singer Cœur de Pirate.

For this song activity, instead of a fill-in-the-blanks, I created a Find-the-Verbs Tenses worksheet. Despite being very poetic and esoteric, this song is fitting for this activity because of the variety of verb tenses.

For the second part of the class, I recommend showing students the following video interview of the artist:

This video is interesting for two reasons:

  • it introduces students to the Quebecois accent (though we may not be able to hear it when she sings!).
  • it introduces students to the city of Montreal. I recommend asking them to pick up several local things that Cœur de Pirate is recommending we do.

Another great resource on the Quebecois accent and culture is the website Je-Parle-Quebecois.com which provides free access to fun, engaging short videos.

Published by Valentin Duquet

PhD Candidate in French Studies, University of Texas at Austin