Kalamazoo College – FRE 102-203 – 2013-2014

I was a Teaching Assistant for the following levels:

  • Fall 2013

FRE 102 Beginning French II:

Further development of the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) through continued exploration of the French-speaking world. Students work to acquire the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge needed to navigate a variety of cultural settings.

  • Winter 2014

FRE 203 Engaging With Texts:

Students enrich their vocabulary and increase their sensitivity to nuance while examining a wide variety of texts (fiction, non-fiction, image, film, songs, etc.). New reading skills will result in the ability to produce texts (both oral and written) in a wide variety of styles. Students begin to acquire a more sophisticated knowledge of the intricacies of the French-speaking world while putting into practice more complex forms of written and oral expression.Prerequisite: FRE-202 or Placement Test

  • Spring 2014

FRE 201 Intermediate French:

Refining and expansion of communicative skills. Students develop critical thinking and cross-cultural competency by reading, discussing, and writing about authentic texts.

My responsibilities included:

  • designing lesson plans for each day of class
  • correcting daily homework
  • facilitating discussions among students
  • leading debates in a safe place
  • correcting essays
  • introducing students to French and Francophone cultures
  • promoting Study Abroad programs to Strasbourg
  • grading participation and reporting back to the faculty and primary instructors of the classes

My responsibilities did not include:

  • giving final grades
  • creating the syllabus
  • creating the rubric

Other academic services linked to the position:

  • hosting game nights
  • hosting movie nights
  • cooking for and hosting crêpes nights once a quarter

Resources: Kalamazoo College Romances Language website