French 210 (Conversation French) – Fall 2016 to Fall 2017

Course description:

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to practice and improve their communication skills in French. Emphasis is placed on informal conversation in a variety of contexts, as well as discussions and debates of current events within Francophone culture.

Learning outcomes:

During discussions students improve their vocabulary and grammar and learn to paraphrase and use circumlocutions (“talk around”) to express complicated thoughts for which they may not have the precise vocabulary. They also have the chance to ask questions and interact with others in a safe group setting.

My responsibilities included:

  • designing lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations for each day of class
  • grading students’ oral presentations
  • giving students feedback on their presentations and how they can improve on their oral delivery
  • facilitating discussions among students
  • leading debates in a safe place
  • creating the syllabus
  • creating the rubric for presentations

PDF documents below:

French 210 – Spring 2017 – Syllabus

French 210 – Spring 2017 – Schedule of Student Presentations

French 210 – Spring 2017 – Rubric

Published by Valentin Duquet

PhD Candidate in French Studies, University of Texas at Austin