Valentin Duquet is a second year PhD student and an Assistant Instructor at the University of Texas at Austin. He was born in Montbéliard in eastern France. He works on Postcolonial 19th Century.

He first completed an MA in American Studies at the Université de Strasbourg; he then spent a year in Michigan teaching French, and continued teaching at Syracuse University for two more years while earning an MA in Francophone Studies focusing on Caribbean Literature and the Algerian Revolution.

He joined UT’s French Studies in 2018, and is also working towards a Graduate Portfolio in Middle Eastern Studies. He publishes in English and in French; he also speaks Spanish and has been learning Arabic at UT. His broad interests revolve around the concepts of Frenchness and Otherness, from the French Empire until today.

Research Interests:
Literature & Politics, 19th-21st century; Orientalism; La Méditerranée & The European Midi